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Questions About VOVYO

VOVYO is a diverse business grounded in brushless dc pump and brushless dc motor R&D local in Dongguan city. Is one of the technology leading brushless dc  pump manufacturer in the world.

VOVYO has over 10 years of experience in R & D and manufacturing of brushless dc pump, with more than 200 model pumps which mainly used in vehicle , aquarium, water heater, household appliances, beauty and medical treatment, PC and other fields. Thank you for your time! Please don’t hesitate to Get Quote now, if you’d like to know more about our products and our solutions.

VOVYO is located at:
Baihao, Houjie, Dongguan, Guangdong, P.R China

Post code: 523960
Customer Hotline:+86-159-7314-5318
Fax: +86-0769-81878536



VOVYO manufacture almost all kinds of small dc water pumps (Such as: automotive electric water pump, 24v water pump, 12V water pump) for over 14 years with high performance and quality as well as competitive price.

Generally speaking, we do not offer free brushless dc pump sample. You can purchase 1~5 pieces sample from us to test its performance. And will refund you the sample fee in the form of providing equivalent value pump in the future, once you place an bulk order to us.

You can talk your requirements with our sales staffs to get a most suitable pump recommendation from them. Will arrange the sample production after receiving your sample order. And deliver the sample by express such as DHL, FedEx, UPS as along as the production is finished.

Kindly please contact our sales people by E-mail:[email protected]. After confirmed with your needs on the customization, our highly engineering department will set up a project team for you , they will design and customize the pump for you according to you requirements.

We usually use express such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, air ways to deliver samples and small quantity orders. For bulk orders we recommend customers choose to ship the goods by sea, as it can save a lot of freight fee.

Questions About VOVYO's Product

You can choose the pump that you need according to your needs on the pump’s working performance and working conditions at our official website.

And you can also email us for help, if you are not sure which pump is the one that most suitable for your product or application. You can tell us your requirements on the working voltage, max head and max flow, running time, application, fluid,ambient temperature, fluids temperature, submersible or not, special function, food grade material nor not, power supply form etc. Then we will recommend the most suitable pump for you according to our experience .

Yes, we can set a up a project team for you to develop and customize a pump for you according to your needs, if you annual quantity demands reach a certain quantity.

Mold fee depends on the pump’s size, power ,working performance, special function. The mold fee can be refunded to you, in the form of supplying you equivalent value pump  in the future. We also can afford all the mold fees, if the products you ordered reach a certain quantity.

Depends on the complexity and difficulty of the custom project. For easy project, it will take 30~45 days to design the pump and open the pump mold. For difficulty project, it will take around 3 moths. In a word all depends on the complexity of needs on pump’s working performance, and special function, working conditions etc.

Our brushless dc pumps can driven by almost of all kinds of DC power supply. Such as: dc power supply, all kinds of battery, solar panel etc.

Our brushless dc pump can work with water, oil, antifreeze, coolant, etc. And our food grade pump can pump beverage, fruit juice etc. Furthermore we also provide acid and alkali fluids solutions. 

Our 12V brushless dc pump’s  working voltage range is 5V~14V, and 24V bldc pump’s is 12v~30V. We also provide ac input voltage solution like our VP100A input voltage is ac 220V.

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