What Are the Application of DC Brushless Water Pump ?

As an emerging product, the miniature brushless DC pump has the advantages of small size, high efficiency, low power consumption, long service life, no maintenance, and no pollution. It should have been widely used in all walks of life, but because there are many people can’t understand the applicable range of micro brushless DC water pump in detail, which seriously hinders the development of DC  brushless water pump.

Here is a detailed introduction to the industries that brushless DC pumps I know can be applied to:

1. Household appliances-drinking water equipment, tea set machines, coffee machines, cola machines, juice machines, milk machines, dishwashers, sterilizers, washing machines, air cleaners, fish tanks, air conditioners, solar water heaters, steam mopping, steam mopping Floor, steam microwave oven, steam iron, electric ironing machine, garment ironing machine, tea set, bathroom equipment, electric teapot, automatic wine set and household battery-powered simple water pump, etc.

2. Printing industry-inkjet printers, inkjet printers, etc.

3. Aquarium industry: waterscape fountains, fountains, aquariums, aquarium equipment, bonsai equipment.

4. Medical industry: medical equipment.

5. Automobile industry: automotive electric water pump for automobile cooling circulation system, electric vehicle cooling circulation system, simple car washer.

6. Solar energy industry: solar water pumping, solar system circulation, solar fountain.

7. Atomization industry: atomization device, electric sprayer.

8. Machinery equipment industry: purification equipment, filters, cooling equipment, cleaning equipment.

9. Ships, yachts, desalination, bathing, toilets, sanitation, environmental protection and other industries.

At the same time, the miniature brushless DC water pump is also used in: soilless culture, shower, bidet, tooth cleaner, water heater pressurization, plumbing mattress, swimming pool water circulation filter, foot washing, surfing massage basin, surfing massage bathtub, oiler, Humidifiers, washing machines, bathroom products, handicrafts.

Due to the limitations of knowledge and understanding, there must be more industries where micro brushless DC pumps can be widely used. With the application of  brushless DC pumps, it will also promote the development and innovation of BLDC pumps. I hope that through this article, more people and industries can understand the this kind of pump, use the micro brushless DC water pump, better and more accurately understand the characteristics of the the pump pump, and put forward the shortcomings and the shortcomings of the micro BLDC water pump Current limitations have prompted the development of dc brushless water pump titles.


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