Which Pump is Better AC or DC?

As we all know, there are two main types of water pumps in the market, AC pump and DC pump. DC water pumps are generally driven by bldc motors or brushed motors powered by a DC power supply with a voltage lower than 36V, while AC water pumps are generally driven by AC motors with a voltage higher than 36V. Compared with traditional AC water pumps, DC water pumps do not need to convert AC power into DC power, so their energy utilization rate is higher and they can achieve better energy-saving effects. At the same time, the presence of permanent magnets in DC water pumps makes their working efficiency much higher than that of AC water pumps. This is especially true under harsh working conditions or frequent starts and stops.

Below, we the VOVYO PUMP will analyze the respective advantages of the two water pumps one by one. You will know whether DC pump or AC pump is better, let’s go.

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Advantages of DC Pump Over AC Pump

Compared with AC pumps, DC pumps especially the brushless dc pumps, have many advantages, such as:

More Reliable

The load on the electronic and mechanical parts of DC water pumps is relatively small when starting, so their normal life is much longer than that of AC water pumps, and they have better power control performance.

More Energy Efficient

As the internal working efficiency of DC water pumps is higher and can reduce the loss of power conversion, DC water pumps have greater advantages than AC water pumps in terms of operating costs.

More Environmentally Friendly

Since the DC water pump does not require conversion of AC power to DC power, it avoids problems such as noise and vibration caused by power conversion compared with traditional AC inverters. At the same time, it does not require check valves and can effectively reduce the emission of certain pollutants.

Low Working Voltage is Safer

Most of the popular brushless DC water pumps on the market have rated working voltages of 3.5V, 5V, 6V, 12V, and 24V, which are all much lower than the human body safety voltage of 36V. Therefore, even if you are shocked by the pump while working, it will not cause harm to you. Therefore, brushless water pumps are safer than AC water pumps with rated operating voltages above 36V.

Longer Service Life

Brushless DC water pump uses electronic components for commutation and does not require carbon brushes for commutation. The rotor part is made of permanent magnet material, and the water pump body is made of environmentally friendly materials. It also uses high-performance wear-resistant precision steel shafts and sleeves, which are integrated with the rotor through injection molding to avoid wear. Therefore, the service life of brushless DC pumps is greatly improved compared to AC pumps.

Small Size and High Efficiency

DC water pumps solve the problems of low speed and low head of AC water pumps. Generally speaking, the water head of a brushless DC water pump of the same volume can reach more than 3 to 10 times that of an AC water pump.

High Temperature Resistant Working Fluid

Due to the high voltage of the AC water pump, the stator coil winding has a very thin wire diameter and a large number of turns, which will cause high internal heating of the product and is not suitable for use in high temperature environments. Currently, brushless DC pumps can be customized to withstand high temperatures up to 180 degrees. Therefore, the brushless DC water pump can be made into an automotive electric water pump and used in automotive engine cooling systems that require high heat resistance of the water pump.

Diverse Functions and Wider Application Range

AC water pumps do not have driver board control, so they are not suitable for intelligent control situations. However, we can customize various control functions for DC pumps. Such as speed regulation, temperature difference control, photosensitive control, reverse voltage protection, power limitation, slip protection, stall protection, overvoltage protection, etc.

Various Forms of Power Supply

DC water pumps have rich power supply forms. Compared with the single power supply form of AC water pumps, they are diversified, convenient and replaceable, and can realize the portability and mobile use of water pumps. The power supply forms of DC water pumps include: power adapter power battery, dry cell battery, solar panel power supply, etc.

Advantages of AC Pump Over DC Pump

Compared with DC pumps, AC pumps also have its own unique advantages over DC water pumps

Good Stability

AC water pumps usually run on a stable AC power grid, so their operation is relatively stable and reliable when the power supply is stable.

Strong Carrying Capacity

AC water pumps can withstand short-term high current impacts during starting and stopping, so they are suitable for some high-power industrial water pumps.

Low Initial Investment

Since AC water pumps are relatively common, their initial purchase costs are low, making them a more economical choice for projects with limited budgets.

Low Maintenance Cost

As AC motors have a relatively simple structure and are relatively easy to maintain and maintain, making ac water pumps suitable for use in areas far away from cities.


This article introduces some of the pros and cons differences between DC water pumps and AC water pumps. From the analysis of working principles, environmental protection energy consumption and control methods, it is concluded that DC water pumps are more reliable, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and other advantages, while AC water pumps have the advantages of strong carrying capacity, low maintenance costs and good stability. In terms of application, you should consider comprehensive factors such as your specific needs: flow, pressure or load requirements, fluid transportation requirements, and economic budget, to weigh which DC water pump or AC water pump is more suitable for use in your own products or applications.

As the two main types of water pumps, DC pumps and AC pumps each have some unique advantages and applicable scenarios. Therefore, we cannot simply say that DC pumps are better than AC pumps or that AC pumps are better than DC pumps. For you, a good water pump is the one that suits your usage conditions and needs.


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