How to Choose a BLDC Water Pump?

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BLDC Water Pump

There are many types of brushless DC pumps on the market. So, what principles should the customers follow when buying the BLDC water pumps? Generally speaking, when choosing a brushless DC centrifugal pump, the following aspects can be considered:

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How do I Choose a BLDC Water Pump?

BLDC water pumps especially 12v dc water pump and 24v dc water pump are widely used in many industries and products, how to select it for your application? Please read the below contents.

Flow Head Requirements

Whether your application is used for liquid delivery, cooling, circulation, water supply, or other purposes. Determine the required flow rate, head (note the distinction between theoretical head and head) and working pressure. Maximum flow and maximum head required. Calculate the required flow and head based on the location of the liquid delivery, the length of the pipeline and the height difference. Generally, the flow rate of the circulating pump is lower than that of the cooling pump. The adjustment mode and use scenario of the two are also different. The former does not need adjustment, the latter does. At the same time, we can refer to the range of existing values in the corresponding application fields in the target area market. For example, the head range of dishwasher in western countries is 0.5 to 1.2m, the flow is 8 to 12 liters per minute, China is slightly different from 0.5 to 1.5 meters, and the flow is 8 to 15 liters per minute. The specific precise value is discussed and decided with the relevant technical supporter

Power Requirement

Calculate the required power (power divided into pump shaft power and pump output power) to ensure that the selected dc water pump has enough drive to meet the application requirements (required flow and head) Power is equal to the voltage (such as the commonly used 12V, 24V) times the current, the head flow increases the power also increases and the efficiency of the pump generally decreases. The exact value shall be discussed and decided with relevant technical supporter.

Efficiency Requirements

Efficiency is divided into pump efficiency, mechanical efficiency, volumetric efficiency, hydraulic efficiency, pump maximum efficiency, guaranteed efficiency. Efficiency is related to speed and will be slightly reduced when the head flow rate is increased. It’s also about design and manufacturing. The exact value shall be discussed and decided with relevant technical supporter. Performance curve. What is performance? Performance is the relationship between head, shaft power, efficiency and flow at a certain speed. The performance curve, as the name suggests, is a curve that represents the performance in a graph. Corresponding to the head, efficiency, shaft power, etc., is the head curve, efficiency curve, shaft power curve. Note that the best working condition point should generally coincide with the design working condition point, but in practice, some pumps do not coincide. In addition, the geometrical parameters at the impeller outlet have a great influence on the shape of the performance curve. Several common types of performance curves are flat, steep drop, hump. Detailed communication with technical supporter.

Pump Size and Weight

Weight and size are very important for your application and product, because if you choose the wrong size, it will be too big to install, and too heavy will affect the heavy weight control requirements of your product. So, you should choose a pump with suitable the size and weight to meet your needs. 

Moreover, size and weight generally increase with the increase of head flow, weight is related to material density, size and design structure. Both are also related to the motor, the application scenarios and requirements. Consider the pump installation mode and the support structure.

Liquid Properties:

To choose a pump rightly you should determine the properties of the liquid you wan use the pump to be pumped, including viscosity, temperature, and corrosion, different pumps are suitable for different types of liquids.

Materials Option

You should select the appropriate material according to the nature of the pumping medium. For example, the friction coefficient of the material, hygiene level, especially in the treatment of corrosive medium or high temperature medium, should choose corrosion resistant or high temperature resistant materials.

Bearing, Shaft &Pump Motor Type

Brushless DC motor shall be selected with appropriate power, durable and reliable. The shaft considers the smooth strength and stiffness and the geometric size. Bearing considers reliability, lifespan, load capacity. 

Pump Head, Outlet , Seal and Noise

According to the head flow rate, the system pipe size and connection requirements, choose the appropriate pump head, inlet and outlet size. Sealing according to the medium and the application environment. Humps are associated with vibratory noise.

Control Method

Consider whether speed control is needed for you and adjust the flow and head as required. The brushless DC centrifugal pumps are usually equipped with controllers to control the flow and head by adjusting the speed. Select with appropriate control modes such as voltage / frequency / PWM / PID closed loop / intelligent control to meet specific application requirements.

Reliability and Maintenance

You should view the manufacturer-provided reliability data and pump maintenance requirements. Brushless DC pumps usually require less maintenance. Understand the reliability and maintenance requirements of the pump, and select the brands and models with good performance and long lifespan. Consider the maintenance of the equipment.

Cost Factors

After considering the above factors, a cost analysis was performed. You can compare the prices of different models and brands, and choose a cost-effective pump to meet the demand and budget.

Manufacturer and Suppliers

You can choose a reputable manufacturer or supplier who will usually provide quality products and technical support.

Feedback and Evaluation

Check out other user feedback and comments for pump performance in practical applications.
In short, the selection of brushless DC centrifugal pump needs to consider a variety of factors according to the specific application conditions and requirements, to ensure that the selected pump can work stably and reliably, and meet the required flow and head requirements.


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