How to Maintain a Brushless DC Water Pump?

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Brushless DC Motor Water Pump
Brushless dc pump is very important equipment in industrial production and household appliances as well as automotive thermal management systems. Their operating stability directly affects the reliability of these equipments. Its operating life and maintenance costs directly affect the energy consumption of the equipment. Proper equipment operation and maintenance is of great significance to production equipment. However, in actual operation water pumps often have problems that hinder their functionality or operational stability. Therefore, measures need to be taken to solve such problems and perform daily operation and maintenance of water pumps.

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How to Do a Good Job In Brushless DC Water Pump Inspection ?

Brushless dc water pump inspection is the most important part of daily maintenance. Only when the inspection is in place can problems be discovered and solved in time. The content of the inspection is mainly carried out through vision, hearing, touch, smell and taste. Through the five senses, the operation status of the DC water pump can be preliminarily judged and the causes can be analyzed in a timely manner, providing first-hand information for maintenance work.


For users, you can observe the overall condition of the centrifugal water pump with your eyes, such as whether there is leakage and the amount of leakage. If the current is unstable, the load is unstable, which may be due to the air in the pump, bearings, etc.


Use your ears to listen to whether there is any noise or abnormal noise when the brushless dc centrifugal water pump is running. If there is noise in the bearing, determine the location of the noise and further use listening needles and other tools to carefully determine whether it is lack of oil, structural instability, or noise inside the pump body; If it is noise when the motor is running, determine whether it is the bearing or the rotor; If It is necessary to determine whether the noise in the pump body is caused by foreign matter.


Use your hands to judge the vibration of the centrifugal water pump and the temperature at the bearings. If the temperature at the bearing is too high and it is unacceptable to touch, you need to use a thermometer to measure it and stop the pump in time for inspection.


Use your nose to smell the air to see if it smells burnt or different from usual. If you smell an odor, check the bearing temperatures of the motor and water pump immediately.

Precautions for Daily Maintenance of Brushless DC Water Pumps

  • You should check the brushless dc centrifugal water pump before starting it, and check the connections between the water pump and the motor. Check whether the bolts are loose, close the outlet valve, open the inlet valve, and check whether the water is diverted normally, when the water pump reaches the rated speed, the outlet valve is gradually opened.
  • When the flow rate needs to be adjusted, the operator slowly adjusts the valve opening manually.
  • During normal operation of the centrifugal water pump, various problems must be discovered and judged based on the five senses.
  • When the centrifugal water pump is shut down, the inlet and outlet valves must be closed to avoid interference with other equipment in the system. effects of the pump. If it is stopped for a long time, it is best to disassemble the pump body, clean it and apply anti-rust oil.
  • Carry out inspections and keep the equipment clean and tidy.

How to Perform Daily Maintenance on Brushless DC Water Pumps?

Set Up An Inspection System

You should hang equipment inspection signs for the water pump and perform regular inspections.

Set Up Equipment Inspection Signs

You can mark the equipment name, specifications and models, technical parameters and inspection content, etc., and formulate an inspection form based on the inspection content to fill in during inspection. When the water pump is inspected, you can check it item by item to prevent mistakes and leaks.

Develop Brushelss DC Water Pump Cleaning Standards.

You should make sure the pump housings are free of dust, and the base is free of debris. Establish cleaning standards so that when problems arise, the trace of the fault can be clearly discovered.


If the water pump fails, you’d better do not disassemble it yourself. One is you may blindly dismantling the parts without knowing where the fault is; The other is you do not having special tools, which often damages the original intact parts. The best way is to go to an experienced and large-scale maintenance point for repairs, and promptly replace “overage” parts and certain wearing parts. Under normal circumstances, the water pump should be maintained and repaired every six months.


 If you do not use the brushless dc water pump for a long time, you should keep away from the water source in time, and drain the accumulated water in the pump (especially when cold winter) and then place it in a dry place. If you have the conditions, you can also apply butter on key parts of the water pump and add lubricating oil to the bearings to prevent parts from rusting. In addition, the longer the water pump is not used, the better. If it is not used for a long time, it will not only easily corrode the parts, but also reduce the service life of the water pump.


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