Main Parameters

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Rated Voltage


Max Head


Max Flow


Inlet Diameter

Outlet Diameter


Liquid Temperature


■ Parameter

Model Rated Voltage(VDC) Opearting Voltage(VDC) Max Head(M) Max Flow(L/Min) Power(W) Noise(dB)
VP40F-1230 12.0 4.98-13.98 3.00 13.30 15.59 ≤39.6
VP40F-2450 24.0 9.5-26.0 5.00 16.60 28.78 ≤40.0

■ Specifications

1 Impeller Type Open impeller
2 Food Grade(Y/N) N
3 Working Fluid Temperature -10°-60.0°C
4 Pump Theory Centrifugal motor pump
5 Driving Motor Type Brushless dc motor
6 Ambient Temperature -10.0°-60.0°C
7 Working Medium Pure Water,coolant
8 Waterproof Class IP68
9 Working Voltage Range 4.8V-14.0V,9.98V-26.0V
10 Power Consumption 15.60W,28.80W
11 Noise Class form 1M distance <39.9dB /(A)
12 Working Mode Continuous
13 Working life >30,000 Hours
14 OD of Inlet Φ20.0mm (1/2″ thread)
15 OD of Outlet Φ20.0mm (1/2″ thread)
16 Product Dimension 76.5mm*46.4mm*47.4mm
17 Product Weight 0.270kg
18 Power Supply DC power supply, battery, solar powered
19 Remarks Not a self-priming pump

■ Graph & Dimension

vp40f brushless dc pump curve

VP40F dimensions

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